Maintaining power through the energy transition

Our expertise and creative solutions assist our customers in effectively managing their assets through the ongoing energy transition.

Who We Are

With strong foundations in the energy services industry, K2 Energy Group enables organisations; operators, owners, OEMS and investors in the energy sector to meet their operational, safety and compliance obligations.


We do this by providing a range of inspection, repair and maintenance solutions underpinned by world class digital and human capability.


We pride ourselves on delivering a world class service to the highest of industry standards. We achieve this through employing experienced, talented engineers and by integrating the latest digital technology to ensure our customers receive fast meaningful data, allowing them to make quick decisions ensuring minimum operational impact.


We recognise that the energy transition is vital for our planet and is therefore at the heart of our strategic thinking. It’s our vision to support customers and the wider community to achieve a carbon neutral future for the next generation.

What We Stand For


We will never place short-term advantage over the wellbeing of people. We affirm the inherent value of each individual. Our commitment to transparency, fairness and personal accountability engenders trust between us, our clients and our shareholders.


To deliver value to our customers through product and service innovation and our staff through a safe and rewarding work environment.


We aim to support our customers and the wider community to achieve a carbon neutral future for the next generation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our responsibility is to ensure that our personnel, their families and the community are safe in the Knowledge that the business culture we endeavour to cultivate is based on shared values; honesty, integrity, respect and an appreciation of all beliefs & backgrounds, this positive culture, with inclusive leadership teams is crucial to successful delivery of our services.